More than ever Christians must live as Christians

Now as I posted the other day. Many that live in the United States and go to church believing themselves to be Christian. As I pointed out this is not the case. It is time for those that truly know what is required and honestly go through the daily endeavor to strive ever forward toward being a true reflection of Jesus Christ to no longer hide in the shadows.
You sit in the shadows, due to how those in these churches that say they are Christian react to you. Yet would rather talk about the football games later in the day, or the horrify mini-series they have been watching, or even more important the titillating tale about this celebrity or that celebrity.
They are showing that they are not saved or if they were once saved have instead chosen the world over God, they are sinners. Yet we are the ones made to feel uncomfortable. This is how it has been for decades and the now rotten fruit is bearing ever worse fruit.
It is time for those that truly know Christ to make a stand. Let it be known that the true way to Christ is not through the idol worship of sports, TV and celebrities, but through standing by the Bible.
Will this lead to ostracization? Most likely.
Will this lead to leaving your church? Possibly, it led me to leave mine.
Will it cause you to look differently at people in politics? Most definitely. Like myself Franklin Graham has left the Republican Party and call ourselves unaffiliated or independent. Why? Because we see the sin running rampant in this nation.
God is already punishing this nation for turning its back upon Him.
Do you think it is by accident that a person came into the presidency that has almost singlehandedly destroyed our international relationship and our internal cultural relationships? No. This is a judgment from the All Mighty. He did this to Israel more than once. Are we any different when our ancestors professed to being true servants of Christ?
This is what people need to awaken and realize. God is real. God does punish those that disobey Him, ESPECIALLY when they still have a purpose to Him in His grand design.
This nation, formed by those that wished to honor God. Whose basic governmental design came from a Quaker clearly shows that this is a truly Christian nation, brought into existence under the grace and blessings of the Lord God All Mighty.
Any that challenge this have turned their back upon God and wish for man to rule man, which only leads to destruction and disaster.
Those of us that are truly children of God must stand up and say with a loud clear voice. That ONLY through Jesus Christ can we accomplish God’s glory for this nation. Only through standing upon the principals that are taught within the Bible and teaching them to those that have an ear to hear will we once again restore this nation.
If we fail to stand up and make ourselves known and heard then this nation will continue in its downward spiral to destruction. If that is the case we must be willing to at the very least stand for God when it comes time to choose if we shall live or die, for it shall come to that point.
Since we failed to stand for God now, we must stand for God when they ask us to renounce our faith and when we do not we will shortly be standing before the All Mighty under the altar before Him.

Will those that call themselves “Christian” stand up and be counted?

As I have stated in other posts those that called themselves “Christian” have been too silent in the past. As a result this nation is no longer a nation under God but a nation ran by pagans. Now they will challenge this statement. In fact they already have challenged it. First with Rowe v. Wade, more recently with gay marriage being illegally shoved down the nation’s throat when two Justices that performed gay wedding did not recuse themselves as is required by law due to the fact that they performed the ceremonies. Then when it came out that the aborted babies were being cut up and their organs sold as no more than a human sacrifice and now with the imprisonment of someone standing upon their religious values no matter if they are a government employee or not, they should not be forced to act against their beliefs.
Now there has a been a stir within those that call themselves “Christian,” but is it enough. Are they notifying their congressperson and senator about where they stand? Not enough. Are they doing sit down strikes in front of their county offices? No they are not. It is time for Christian to have marches. It is time for Christians to make themselves heard. It is time to show that Christianity will no longer stand for this nation to continue in its pagan lifestyle much like Rome was in the early centuries of the first millennial after the coming of Christ.
That nation that has conquered most of the world fell apart in a large part due to its debauchery and as that debauchery was thrown into the light and shown what it was and what it meant. That can only be done through the teaching of the Bible and those willing to stand up for it and God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is time

It is time to leave our houses.
It is time to leave our comfort zone.
It is time to leave our safety
It is time to teach that which we have been told time and again to teach.
It is time to preach that which we have been told time and again to preach.
Once again those that are the moral are called the amoral by those that have admitted they are liars. For they see that through lies they are made great when in reality they are shown to be the truly lower than the low.
We are told to teach the entire gospel, which is not all good news. We are to let those that deny God know that they will not end up in a good place. We are to offer them salvation and glory unto what is good and righteous in the eyes of the Lord.
Many will reject it.
Many will seek to defame us.
Many will seek to silence us.
There will even be those that seek to kill us.
We have been too silent too long and it is time to make our choice. God and possible death in this temporal life or to continue to live in this world as it falls into ruin and destruction.
Here is one thing that many do not realize and accept. This life, where we get dressed and go to a job, or care for a loved one. This life, where we go about shopping and reading or watching television. This is not the real life we are promised by God. This life is merely a test of your faith of your beliefs.
Many choose to deny there is a God, and believe that only humans are responsible for humans. As a result many of these think themselves better than others and so wish to subjugate them. This is not moral or right.
Others accept there is a God, yet they do not fully understand His ways, and to a degree that is how it should be. For if we knew all the right answers there would still be those that sought to be better than others. This is not what God and Jesus taught. They taught place God FIRST all others especially the innocent SECOND and ourselves and our desires last.
It is time to step out into the world and to let our voices be heard.
It is time to stand up for what is right and good.
It is time to not listen to those that say we are amoral when it is they are sickened and depraved.
It is time to use the ballot box, the peaceful protest and social media to make it know what is God’s word. What is God’s plan, and what is glorious and beautiful in His eyes.
And what is that? It is not sin. It is not hypocrisy, it is not the slaughter of innocents.
May it result in our death? Yes it may.
But look at it this way. If we die we get to be with Jesus and His Father. I would rather be there then here, but it is here we are needed, and how we are needed is to stand up for God and give Him obedience.
Mark 16: 15 – And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. 19 So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. 20 And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.