Will those that call themselves “Christian” stand up and be counted?

As I have stated in other posts those that called themselves “Christian” have been too silent in the past. As a result this nation is no longer a nation under God but a nation ran by pagans. Now they will challenge this statement. In fact they already have challenged it. First with Rowe v. Wade, more recently with gay marriage being illegally shoved down the nation’s throat when two Justices that performed gay wedding did not recuse themselves as is required by law due to the fact that they performed the ceremonies. Then when it came out that the aborted babies were being cut up and their organs sold as no more than a human sacrifice and now with the imprisonment of someone standing upon their religious values no matter if they are a government employee or not, they should not be forced to act against their beliefs.
Now there has a been a stir within those that call themselves “Christian,” but is it enough. Are they notifying their congressperson and senator about where they stand? Not enough. Are they doing sit down strikes in front of their county offices? No they are not. It is time for Christian to have marches. It is time for Christians to make themselves heard. It is time to show that Christianity will no longer stand for this nation to continue in its pagan lifestyle much like Rome was in the early centuries of the first millennial after the coming of Christ.
That nation that has conquered most of the world fell apart in a large part due to its debauchery and as that debauchery was thrown into the light and shown what it was and what it meant. That can only be done through the teaching of the Bible and those willing to stand up for it and God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Welcome to Progressive-America

I had actually called this posting “Welcome to Nazi-America” but it didn’t work, so I had to change it.
Yes. That is what I said: Nazi-America. I was awakened from my sleep to write this post as the realization that hit me in a dream. In the 1930’s Germany, Antisemitism was on the rise, which led to churches denying association with Jews. This ultimately led to the holocaust and the death of 13 million innocent lives.
Now in the USA, we have the Presbyterian Church denying its association with Israel as well as other measures that separate this “church” from God.
Now in the USA, we have colleges protesting against the Jews and the nation of Israel.
Now in the USA, we have the news media reporting against Israel defending itself from terrorist and we have this same news media supporting the terrorist. In addition, the news media does not presenting facts but opinion, which is not what the fourth estate was designed to do.
Now in the USA, we have the White House siding with those that are against Israel throughout the Middle East.
You never hear the news talk about white supremacist anymore, yet that are acting just like them as they defame Israel and the Jews within America. This to me says that the Liberals and the Nazis in America have joined forces. Two groups that were supposedly at opposite ends of the spectrum have joined forces completely a circle, a circle with a swastika within it.
It is time for those that call themselves Christian to step forward and make themselves heard. For those that truly follow God know that they are the thirteenth tribe of Israel. So in reality when people protest against the Jews and Israel they are also protesting against Christianity.
In Germany it was the Nazis which starting reducing the Church and the Jews. Now it is the Liberals. In Germany, the Nazi changed the educational system and rewrote history to make the Jews a pariah. Now it is the Liberals. In Germany, it was the Nazi that opinionated the news. Now it is the Liberals.
This must stop before there is another holocaust. This must change now. It is time to remove Liberals from power. It is time to place people that honor and respect God in public office. It is time to kick career politicians out of office and replace them with people that truly wish to help those that they represent. It is time to remove career government employees with people that are without jobs. IT IS TIME TO RETURN AMERICA TO GOD!!!