Will those that call themselves “Christian” stand up and be counted?

As I have stated in other posts those that called themselves “Christian” have been too silent in the past. As a result this nation is no longer a nation under God but a nation ran by pagans. Now they will challenge this statement. In fact they already have challenged it. First with Rowe v. Wade, more recently with gay marriage being illegally shoved down the nation’s throat when two Justices that performed gay wedding did not recuse themselves as is required by law due to the fact that they performed the ceremonies. Then when it came out that the aborted babies were being cut up and their organs sold as no more than a human sacrifice and now with the imprisonment of someone standing upon their religious values no matter if they are a government employee or not, they should not be forced to act against their beliefs.
Now there has a been a stir within those that call themselves “Christian,” but is it enough. Are they notifying their congressperson and senator about where they stand? Not enough. Are they doing sit down strikes in front of their county offices? No they are not. It is time for Christian to have marches. It is time for Christians to make themselves heard. It is time to show that Christianity will no longer stand for this nation to continue in its pagan lifestyle much like Rome was in the early centuries of the first millennial after the coming of Christ.
That nation that has conquered most of the world fell apart in a large part due to its debauchery and as that debauchery was thrown into the light and shown what it was and what it meant. That can only be done through the teaching of the Bible and those willing to stand up for it and God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.