Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: misconceptions

A few months back I was able to have a discussion with a Jewish agnostic. They called themselves an atheist, but after some of our exchange I realized the person was really agnostic.
One of the things that this person kept bring up was my desire to have them quit being a Jew and to leave their heritage. This I must say was the furthest thing from my mind.
Would I have liked this person to have accepted Jesus as their Savior? Yes, but that would not require this person to stop being Jewish.
In fact I would have encouraged them to be proud of being a descendant of Jacob.
You see being Jewish and being Christian, or as it is called a Messianic Jew, is the greatest thing to strive for and is only able to be obtained by coming from one of the twelve sons of Jacob.
For it is said within the Bible that it is for those that God has the greatest of plans compared to the rest of those that live upon this planet.
Am I jealous of this? By all means no.
To me the greatest thing I could ever do for God at this time would be to help someone become a Messianic Jew.

Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The most compelling evidence yet

Today as I was coming to the end of the book “The Case of Christ” by Lee Strobel I came across some of the strongest evidence of the reality of Christ’s resurrection. Now you have to understand. I have been a born again believer since 1985. I have had my ups and downs as is unfortunately normal for this day and age due to the weak society we live within. To hear this evidence worded in such a manner just deepened my belief and faith in God and His Son Jesus.
In the last chapter of the book Mr. Stobel is talking to Dr. J. P. Moreland. Here Dr. Moreland brings up the change that took place within thousands of Jews within Jerusalem. For thousands of year and to this day there were and is still a Jewish people. All other nations that existed since before Joseph led the Jewish nation into Egypt and their eventual enslavement have ceased to exist in their original form or are no longer even thought of. In that time the Jewish people have continued to exist. Many of those traditions are still in use today save the sacrifice and burnt offers. Yet soon after Christ’s crucifixion thousands of Jews abandoned these tradition. Why? Because many had seen the risen Christ and others were witness to the miracles performed by His disciples as well as seen the fires of Pentecost and heard the disciples talking in many languages which many of the Jew understood having come from far parts of the world upon pilgrimages to Jerusalem. This caused them to turn from their traditions to embrace Christianity.
You have to understand this. The world two thousand years ago was nothing like the world we now live within. Today those in this world are weak minded. Going to this fad or that fad. This bit of happiness over here and then a few days later running to this happiness over there. Face it we as a people are weak compared to those that lived not even a hundred years ago due to Television and other devices of technology. So it is hard for many to understand how people can turn away from their cultural foundations and wholeheartedly change literally overnight and stay that way the rest of their lives even under the threat of a torturous death.
God is real. Jesus is real. An eternal life is real and is for all of us. You, me, the person next to you. It is something that is truly worth dying for.
The disciples had run away from Jesus. They had thought Him killed, gone. Then within days after His death they suddenly were literally willing to die for their belief that Jesus rose from the dead, because He did and they attested to that till their deaths, many of which were horrifying.
Think upon that for a while.

Welcome to Progressive-America

I had actually called this posting “Welcome to Nazi-America” but it didn’t work, so I had to change it.
Yes. That is what I said: Nazi-America. I was awakened from my sleep to write this post as the realization that hit me in a dream. In the 1930’s Germany, Antisemitism was on the rise, which led to churches denying association with Jews. This ultimately led to the holocaust and the death of 13 million innocent lives.
Now in the USA, we have the Presbyterian Church denying its association with Israel as well as other measures that separate this “church” from God.
Now in the USA, we have colleges protesting against the Jews and the nation of Israel.
Now in the USA, we have the news media reporting against Israel defending itself from terrorist and we have this same news media supporting the terrorist. In addition, the news media does not presenting facts but opinion, which is not what the fourth estate was designed to do.
Now in the USA, we have the White House siding with those that are against Israel throughout the Middle East.
You never hear the news talk about white supremacist anymore, yet that are acting just like them as they defame Israel and the Jews within America. This to me says that the Liberals and the Nazis in America have joined forces. Two groups that were supposedly at opposite ends of the spectrum have joined forces completely a circle, a circle with a swastika within it.
It is time for those that call themselves Christian to step forward and make themselves heard. For those that truly follow God know that they are the thirteenth tribe of Israel. So in reality when people protest against the Jews and Israel they are also protesting against Christianity.
In Germany it was the Nazis which starting reducing the Church and the Jews. Now it is the Liberals. In Germany, the Nazi changed the educational system and rewrote history to make the Jews a pariah. Now it is the Liberals. In Germany, it was the Nazi that opinionated the news. Now it is the Liberals.
This must stop before there is another holocaust. This must change now. It is time to remove Liberals from power. It is time to place people that honor and respect God in public office. It is time to kick career politicians out of office and replace them with people that truly wish to help those that they represent. It is time to remove career government employees with people that are without jobs. IT IS TIME TO RETURN AMERICA TO GOD!!!

What happened to supporting Israel? (The United States of America under Baal)

(Special Note: What is to follow may sound like fire and brimstone, which I try to avoid doing, but you have to understand I do not plan these posting. They are spur of the moment and come from a burden upon my heart and may just be inspired but the Holy Spirit at times or they may not. Take it as it was meant to be given, something for you the reader to think about.)

There have only been two nations formed under God. The first was Israel. The second was the United States of America. Since these two nations are in essence both children of God, they have supported each other both publicly and through our government.
Now though the government is not supporting Israel and there is evidence they are in actuality supporting the enemies of the founding nation under God. Admittedly, Israel has turned their back on God several time through the centuries, which resulted in the nation being destroyed by the Romans. Nevertheless, God promised them they would return and so they have, and who was their biggest supporter when this took place? The USA, but now those in the government are siding with the enemies of Israel. This is wrong.
We have had God forced out of our schools. We have had God forced out of the public light. Now we do not even have God in the government. Enough is enough. It is time for Christianity and Jew alike that lives within the United States to stand up and make our voices heard.
Do you not realize that God has punished the United States before because it lived in sin? The Civil War was God’s punishment for slavery and still that took nearly one hundred more years to fully correct.
Now we have abortion, which in most cases is nothing more than human sacrifice to the god Baal because it is being uses as a method of escape from responsibility instead of used in dire need. Meaning the threat to the life of the mother, a case of rape or a onetime accident, but is instead used to remove child after child just so the parents can continue to live in sin.
We also have God being forced out of our schools and public places. Now we do not support Israel and people think God will not act upon this?
Israel did much the same and they were taken from their homeland for hundreds of years. All because they forgot that God is God.
Well America has forgotten that God is God and if we do not act to correct our sins then God will do it for us and that is something I do not want my children and grandchildren to have suffer because of our sins.
We are being selfish, and from selfishness all other sins come from. Theft, murder, greed, gluttony, war all stem from selfishness and at this time the United States of America has never been so selfish.
People sit at home collecting money from the government not working out of selfishness.
People go to abortion clinics to murder a child because they are so selfish they do not want to be a parent.
They are so selfish they do not watch the news and realize that their nation is in so much jeopardy that it is on the brink of collapse.
To not know the name of our leaders throughout history. To not know what our nation has had to go through to allow them to have the freedom. To be so selfish and self-centered is an abomination before God and you do not think God will do something about it.
It is time not only from prayer, but also for action from those that call themselves Christian and Jewish alike. We need to make our voices heard. We need to contact those in power and get them to know that they are wrong to ignore Israel. We need to vote them out of office if they do not listen or even recall them before their term is up and replace them. Do not sit at home thinking someone else is going to do it because they are thinking the exact same thing.
If they support the murder of unborn children then they need to be voted out anyway. I have no problem allowing women the free-will to choose to keep a child or not, but they need to be educated in a way not to use abortion as a way to continue to live in sin.
This nation is very close to receiving a judgment from God, and it is not going to be good for any of us, including myself.
It is time to realize that God made this nation. It is time to realize that God keeps this nation. Therefore, if God is not happy with this nation it is within His power to remove this nation from the world at large. He has done it before and he will do it again.