Tis the season for avarice and hypocrisy

“Such a blunt title from a Christian,” some are saying or thinking as they ignore this post and move on.
Well let’s break down what we are truly teaching our children as we place presents under a tree and ignore the real and true reason what this celebration was about.
Avarice is defined as a strong desire to have or get money, or material possessions. This is becoming more and more prevalent than honoring the birth of God in human form.
Stores started selling Christmas items before Halloween this year and that in itself is pathetic, but what is worse is that people actually went ahead and started buying things.
I have a step-daughter who makes statements like wanting a half a million dollar car is no big deal, and that wanting to gather more and more personal items is more important than anything else. She even thought that her personal possessions would go with her into heaven. We shot that down really fast.
Her mother and I try to get her to understand that this is not the correct way to think. However, in today’s society that is difficult when one day people look down upon Miley Cyrus for gyrating on stages with a blow up phallus, then go back to liking her music, then she proceeds to degrade Christians then makes the song “Silent Night” and again everyone praises her. That is hypocrisy.
It is this mentality of accepting things as they are that is in itself a sin against God. The person we are supposed to be honoring on December 25th. Is it really Christ’s birth day? No one truly knows the answer to this, but what is important is that we do celebrate Him coming into this realm of existence to die upon the cross for each and every person’s sins that is willing to ask Him into their heart.
Is this what we are teaching our children? I know the answer to this is no. First hand I know this.
In my mind I said we will let the presents and Santa go for a few years since they were little and then really explain to them about Jesus and what He has done for us, but did that come out as planned? No.
Now both my adult children are a mess. Am I partly to blame? Yes I am.
That is why it is extremely important to teach them of Christ ever single chance you get, and when is the greatest chance? Now in this season that should be exclusively His and His alone.
It is time to restore what one culture did long ago, so long ago I forget which one it was, but when they placed presents under the tree they would place one there that was not for any but Jesus Himself. Then after they did their own presents they would then go out and find a stranger and hand that present over to them and say that Christ wished them to have it on His birthday.
Now that is a way to honor and teach a little about the sacrifice that Christ Himself made for us all that Passover day upon the cross.
So will you return those presents not under the tree yet? Will you tell the true story of Christmas and the virgin birth?

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