What is more important?

Why did I pose this question?
It is very simple. I know several within Christendom that feels it is more important to add as many names to the book of life as is possible. They have the mentality of get them in the door and get them to accept Jesus. This is extremely prevalent in Baptist. For they are of this man-made doctrine of once saved always saved. Yet I have never found anything in the Bible to support this. Now I have found in John 15, in 2 Peter 2, and Revelation 3, where there are those that were once counted in the book of life, yet they have fallen away choosing the world over God, deciding to bear no fruit, and living a lukewarm existents. All of which is made very clear that these shall be spit out thrown into the fire and wishing they had never been saved at all.
It is a clear message. It is in the Bible. There is no way to mistranslate the meanings for they are clear:
You can lose your salvation.
So what is important?
It is not just adding people to “salvation.” It is teaching them TRUE salvation, so that they will be an image of Jesus Christ their Savior. Teach those that ask God into their lives. For it is better to teach them to fish than to hand them one.

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