A teacher in the faith

In the Bible it is made clear that people have different tasks to do for God. This is one of those things that many have not given much effort into for several decades. As a result many wonder through their belief in God lost and rudderless at times. I knew soon after being born again that I was to be a teacher of the Bible, but due to how churches are structured and if you do not attend certain man-made institutions then you are not welcome to do the calling that God placed upon you.
This man-made mentality is actually something that goes against what God wants. Did these men that run these businesses call upon me to teach? No, it was God who called me. Who should I listen to? For too long I listened to the men, the creation of God.
As I studied the Bible more and more. Digging deeper into the meaning of the Bible I learned to add items to help me gain insight and knowledge of what is being taught with the books that are now called the Bible.
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance launch me like I was upon a spring board deeper in the Word. Things become clearer. Then, my brother, also a born again Christian added to my growth with the New Testament Theological Dictionary, in its unabridged form it is ten volumes long. Again my insight into God grew exponentially, yet do I know everything? By all mean no, emphatically no.
Am I a better suited to be God given role? Maybe.
I have learned that men have not grown in their true understanding of God’s word. Many stuck in the dogma of this religious view verses that religious view. Some to the point of disliking the way one group thinks verses how another group thinks. An example, Catholics verse Protestants.
Most even today do not wish to truly acknowledge that Jesus added to the original Ten Commandments to make them twelve, thus matching the number of tribes of Israel.
Many do not realize that Christ ministry was to the Jews and the Jews alone. It was not until Jesus appeared to Saul who then become Paul the thirteen disciple that the teachings of the Bible expanded to the Gentiles and thus the true birth of Christianity took place at that time since most before this time were Messianic Jews.
Much of what the Bible has become watered down or twisted to allow those that go to churches to live their lives unchanged yet feel they has accomplished something for God. But this is not a reality.
The Bible clearly states that you can be a child of God through Christ, yet if you bear no fruit you can be broken off of the vine, given unto man and then cast into the fire. When Jesus speaks in this context to “fire” he is saying unto damnation, yet there are those that say this is not so, but this is what the Bible states and so is fact.
This is my job as a teacher to make people awaken to these facts and challenge them to through the Bible prove me wrong, and if I am I am fine with that. However man-made doctrines like “once saved always saved” need to end. For since John 15 clearly states that someone is of the vine of Christ, thus saved, and God sees no fruit from someone and so God Himself breaks them off and they are cast into the fire. Then there is only one conclusion, you can, once saved, become lost and damned. This is not a scare tactic as I once read by someone that believed the false man-made doctrine mentioned above, but Biblical fact. This helps to cause people to strive to becoming a better child of Christ. Is this bad to become more like Jesus? Per the Bible, the answer is no.
Do not allow man to dictate your life for Christ. Let Christ direct you.

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