Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: “There is nothing! Just blackness!”

These are the words I have heard several times of late. When I hear them it saddens me. For I know. Without a doubt. That there are many that actual believe and accept this to be the reality after the death of the bodies our souls occupy as we live our lives in this temporal plain of existence. Here is the thing that sticks out to me whenever I hear these words spoken.
The person is aware. The person has a conscious recollection and a tangible knowledge of this “blackness.”
Isn’t that interesting?
How is this possible if there is nothing?
I have had two personal experiences in my live that I wish to share at this moment. The first was a few years back. I woke up from my sleep in the middle of the night with what I later found out was an ocular migraine. My left eye was totally shutdown. I was blind in one eye. There was nothing but blackness when I closed the other eye, yet I was aware. I was and am alive.
The second came in a one of my dreams. Thus the name “dreamwalker,” which is associated with Act 2:17.
In this dream I found myself falling within total blackness. I was aware and I knew I could feel myself falling. Several other things took place, but they are unimportant to this article, so I will go on. As this fall neared its end I knew I was approaching what is called Hades or hell.
What is important is that the blackness was in this situation. So could these people actually be experiencing this blackness? I would say yes.
It is God blinding them. Not allowing them to see what is beyond. Why I would not know. I could speculate, but how? I don’t have enough information to give a true idea of what or what is not beyond this temporal world having never had a near-death experience.
However, from what I do have knowledge and experience. I can safely and without doubt know that God is real. Jesus did live, die and rise again.
So is God blinding people that are living in sin or living in an apostate state? I would again say yes.
By God showing them Hades or hell would be He imposing upon their freewill to choose to follow Him with all their heart, mind and soul.
Now there is documentation that shows where there have been near-death experiences of blackness. However there is nearly an equal amount that shows where God has revealed heaven unto people. This again is too allow those in doubt to question, to look, to learn and to come to their own determination about Our Creator God.
I have seen, read and learned enough to know that we are His creation. For this I praise God and His Son.
One thing we have to remember in these times leading up to the return of Jesus Christ is this:
There will be billions that ask and accept Jesus to be their Savior during the Tribulation. Not before, which is the times we are now living. For now we must endure the trials and tribulations that are to come for those of us that confess to be “Christian.” For us we have much pain, anguish and agony in our futures. I pray Christ will give me the strength to endure, for that is His promise unto those that ask.

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