Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: I am so glad this is not all there is

As I have posted before this life we now live within is a test. Within it is pitfalls and heartache; happiness and joy. Things we ourselves think would be good for us God says is not, or at least not now.
Yet it still hurts, especially when you are led to believe something you had hoped for will happen and then suddenly find out there was a “mistake” made and it is not going to happen after all.
I look forward to the days when honesty will always be given. I look forward to hearing true praise for your service and not be lip service. Humans these days do not know the Bible. Humans these days do not care to truly learn it and understand it, for they would rather seek after their own goals and glory no matter the personal cost to others.
I look forward to no longer having to be around people who think they are their own god and all must bow down before them or pay the cost for not doing so. I look forward to the day when people will actually understand that as you age there is more and more responsibility to those about us and not to their own joys which makes them appear to have never left their teenage years mentally. They do not know or care to know that with age truly does come wisdom and that the source for all goodness, greatness and joy comes from God.
I just wish I could cause these people to understand that they are doing more harm to themselves then to those about them. I want to get them to truly awaken to the fact that if they continue to live with this false image they have placed themselves into is escapism for what is truly real and important.
Too many seek after their own rewards upon this earth. The bigger car, the fancy house and the luxuries that go with it. It is not being able to live in sin and think all is well and good.
It is not a belief that God gives us His rewards here upon this earth in this short time span. For the Bible makes it clear that our rewards are not here and those that have their rewards here will have less in the next and eternal life.
God said there are things we must do. God has said there are things we must not do and if we find people doing certain things we are to avoid them for their actions could poison us to our Lord.
These are the things that I seek, but time to time I forget this as we all do and it still hurts when God says “No.”
But He says it for a reason. For His glory and His goals far outweigh mine, or yours.

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