Martin Luther

Telling the truth will not make you popular (at first or even while you’re alive)

One thing that stands out and has been throughout humanities existence is the willingness to just go with the flow. To allow others to tell you how to live and act.
Few buck the system, and even fewer buck the system for the right reasons. Those that bucked the system and won: Galileo Galilei and Martin Luther. Those that lost: Thomas More and Joan of Arc.
Why name those that lost, you may ask? To show that if you do buck the system you may lose, but still be remembered for doing so. As a result, you can still accomplishing that which you wish to affect.
What is more important though is when you buck the system that it be done for the right reason. If you do buck it but bad things result, you may be remembered differently. A prime example: Adolf Hitler.
This though goes back to the first part I mentioned. Those that went along for the ride thus making what was originally someone bucking the system, into the system. Those that did not speak out and say this is wrong. At the end of World War II all the survivors of the nation of Germany were ordered to go into the death camps and witness the horrors they allowed to happen. They learned on that day that they had sinned against not only God, but the rest of humanity. They knew their entire generation in that nation was cursed and guilty by proxy for all those killed in the gas chambers.
My point.
Do not follow the crowd. Be willing to stand up for what is right, even if you lose. Who knows they may put you in the history books of the future or even a movie. They did both for the four I first mentioned, plus one other. I think you know Him as the Son of God. You know…… Jesus.

The ongoing rebirth of the church

Since Jesus made Paul his thirteen disciple, we have witnessed more than once the rebirth of the church. Sometime it changed by the simple posting of doctrines on a door. Other times with blood being shed.
This was not the promise to Israel though. They have been promised to be the first children of God and so they have not had to go through a true rebirth. Have they been through trials? Yes, and many would say they still are.
Since we Christians have been given the blessing of becoming the thirteen tribe of God. The true essence of free-will has been reinstated.
Within Revelation in the second and third chapters are letters to seven churches. Each reflects the acts of free-will and their results. Be they good or bad.
This is why the Christian church as a whole has gone through these rebirths. Now we can learn from the trials of Israel. Within this nation, there have been intercession. Usually by their leader or prophet. We within the Christian church have those that have intervened. For example Martin Luther. He intervened due to the corruption within the Catholic Church and as a result, the church was reborn. Once again focused on God and His Word. This rebirth is seen in Israel as well, but it is not manifested as highly as it has been for those of the Christian faith.
It is now once again time for rebirth with in the Christian church on whole. We have pedophiles hidden and protected within the Catholic Church. We have churches that support same sex marriage, abortion and greed. Many teach that we are too seek reward from God now. That God is our servant not the other way around. Many just sit by waiting for someone to say something. Mostly though when someone does say something they are ignored and called troublemakers. Seems I have heard many in the Old Testament called the same.
It is now that there is a need for a rebirth of the church. Once again, we need to return our focus unto God and His Word. Stop burying your heads in the sand as the world falls to the minions of Satan. It is now that we must shout our faith and stand for the teachings within the Bible.