Telling the truth will not make you popular (at first or even while you’re alive)

One thing that stands out and has been throughout humanities existence is the willingness to just go with the flow. To allow others to tell you how to live and act.
Few buck the system, and even fewer buck the system for the right reasons. Those that bucked the system and won: Galileo Galilei and Martin Luther. Those that lost: Thomas More and Joan of Arc.
Why name those that lost, you may ask? To show that if you do buck the system you may lose, but still be remembered for doing so. As a result, you can still be accomplishing that which you wish to affect.
What is more important though is when you buck the system that it be done for the right reason. If you do buck it but bad things result, you may be remembered differently. A prime example: Adolf Hitler.
This though goes back to the first part I mentioned. Those that went along for the ride thus making what was originally someone bucking the system, into the system. Those that did not speak out and say this is wrong. At the end of World War II all the survivors of the nation of Germany were ordered to go into the death camps and witness the horrors they allowed to happen. They learned on that day that they had sinned against not only God, but the rest of humanity. They knew their entire generation in that nation was cursed and guilty by proxy for all those killed in the gas chambers.
My point.
Do not follow the crowd. Be willing to stand up for what is right, even if you lose. Who knows they may put you in the history books of the future or even a movie. They did both for the four I first mentioned, plus one other. I think you know Him as the Son of God. You know…… Jesus.

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