Glorify God


There was nothing but God. So God decided to create something. He thought upon it and so created a vast universe, filled with masses of different sizes spread throughout it. They were dead and devoid of anything save rock and ice.
Then He lit some of these masses and filled the universe with light called stars. This in turn created greater gravitational pulls within them that caused nearby large masses to start and orbit the newly formed suns.
And the suns heated these planets and so the ice melted and created atmospheres and water, upon some of these planets. It also causes the water to settle into low places upon these planets and land became exposed to the newly formed air. As a result, vegetation began to grow due to the fresh clean air and rains to allow them to grow.
Then God causes other masses to draw near some planets. They too began to orbit, but not about the sun, but the planets themselves. As a result, some of the planets shift slightly due to their moons and the temperature begins to shift allowing seasons to occur, which causes the plants to develop growing cycles.
Then live appeared in the oceans, and soon after many creatures left the water and lived upon the land and flew through the air.
Then God created man.

This is the first twenty-five verses of the Bible, in my interpretation of it. Surprisingly this is how many of those in science say life came to be. None on earth at this time was alive to confirm or deny these facts within the Bible.
At one time people thought the world was flat. At one time people thought the earth was the center of the universe.
We now know we are on a planet that circles a sun. One sun out of billions in a universe so vast that earth is smaller than a grain of sand within it in for comparison.
When people limit God solely to this planet they limit Him to smaller then that very grain of sand found upon the beaches of the very oceans He created. We should humble ourselves and feel the honor that He has bestowed upon us for decided to create us, for we are less than a cell within the body of an ant, which He also created.
Do not limit God; glorify how truly great He is. To do this you need to live the life He desires us to live. A life that follows the rules and laws He has set forth for us to follow within the Bible.