Christianity and the vote

To be Christian is to be a walking example of Jesus and His father God. Do we do this perfectly? No, but we must try to do what is right to God, and what is right is found within the Bible. One way we can do this is with the ballot box, which we can do three weeks from today.
There are things that are known sins in the Bible. We can support God’s views by opposing those sins by voting for what is good in the Bible. Human sacrifice is one of the ultimate sins. It is now called abortion. If a politician supports it you should oppose them. How do you do this? You do not vote for them, no matter what else they may promise or says.
Homosexuality is again one of the worst sins. It is so bad it helped causes the total destruction of two cities. Yet people who call themselves Christian now support this sin. One party fully supports this sin. That is the Democratic Party. If you are truly Christian, you will never vote for any democrat for as long as this party supports this sin. Again, no matter what they promise.
When you vote you must ask yourself: “Does this person honor God?”
If the answer is no, do not vote for them. No Democrat at this time honors God for as long as their party supports abortion or homosexuality. Therefore, no Christian should vote democrat EVER. The words Democrat and Christian do not ever work for the same goal, so they can never in all honesty be said as the same. For when you support sin, you deny God.

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