The workmanship of God

When we think of God, we think of light, we also think of the source of our light that we see every day, the sun. What people have dismissed is that God created the sun just as was this planet.
Also people do not realize that the sun is huge. It can take 1,300,000 earths to fill the sun. Yet that sun is small. The largest known star at this time is VY Canis Majoris. It is estimated that it is 950 to 1200 times the size of our sun. Yet again this is nothing compared to the rest of the universe, and He who made it all, God.
I think this is one reason people have such a hard time accepting that God is real. Many limit God to this little speck in the universe, making Him as important as the insects that crawl and flay about.
It is sad that they do this, that the ultimate being that has the power to not only to create this planet, but to manipulate it as well. He has stopped it from rotating. He has turned a river to blood. He spread apart a sea. Yet people limit and ignore Him. Said it was just and nature event that cause these thinks to take place. Apparently you missed the earlier sentence that God can manipulate this planet, meaning to cause “nature events” to take place.
Did you see a bird today? You just saw the workmanship of God.

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