We need to not be near sighted

One of the greatest challenges that those that call themselves Christian is to learn to look beyond today or even tomorrow. When they become near sighted, all they can do is plan for that moment or the next day. That is not how Christianity was designed to work.
Our vision should be focused on the eternal. Questions like “What will the earth look like in the thousand-year reign of Christ?” “What lies in the next solar system?” “What wonders and beauty are waiting to be seen?”
Why these questions and many many more? Because that makes us think beyond this temporal life.
This is like going to the store to pick a pair of shoes. You try one on, walk and feel it is uncomfortable, or it does not look quite right. So you try another pair and they are just right. Well the eternal life is the pair that is just right, filled with the rewards promised to us by Jesus.
Why keep the pair of shoes that are uncomfortable? Yet that is exactly how people live and act. They say I can work through the blisters and corns caused by wearing the wrong shoes. We are told repeatedly not seek our reward in this life for it is fleeting when compared to a billion years.
One year is 365 days. The average life span of a person worldwide, at this time, is 25915 days or 71 years.
One billion years is 365,242, 199, 000 days.
Personally, I would rather plan for the largest number. A lot more can happen in that life and will happen.

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