As another year ends

Another year passes. Time marches on. Many days forgotten, few remembered. Pains of the past gone. Joys from days gone by remembered fondly. Some old chapters in life closed. Some new chapters begun. Some living in places they never though they would see or go too. Other living where they always have. Both happy with their choices.
Now a new year is beginning. New events to experience wait ahead for all. Some will be sad. Some will be tragic. Some joyful. Some hilarious.
In the year to come. Some will turn from God. Some will turn to God. Some will join God. Some will not.
In the days ahead new events will guide and change every person that now lives upon this earth. Few events will affect all. Some events will affect a nation. Many events will affect each person. All will give them the opportunity to learn and grow, but most will not realize it or ignore it.
To those that read this:
I wish you the best and hope you will see and accept the love of God and allow His Son’s teaching to give you insight, courage, love and peace. Even if you do not believe, He is real.

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