Why Christians Ruin Christmas

I agree and support this post


As my favorite time of the year approaches I tend to subconsciously cringe at some of the things I know I will have to inevitably experience throughout this most wonderful time of the year. I absolutely love colder weather, Starbucks donning the red cup, time with family, and crying from laughter as Grandma Griswald recites the pledge of allegiance.

But, what I don’t like is the amount of times I will have to read some angry mom’s social media post ranting about “Keep Christ in Christmas” or the ever so painful manger depiction that everyone knows too well. There it is though, everyone knows too well. Who doesn’t know the story of the birth of Christ Jesus? Atheist, agnostic and Christian alike all know this story. It’s in at least a tenth of the yards in America (or has been at one point) and as majority of people venture in…

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