When you support a sin, you commit the sin as well

In the book of James in the last verse of the 4th chapter, the Bible states that if someone know to do good, but they do not do so that have sinned. Those that call themselves Christian know that Abortion and Homosexuality is a sin. Now we do not hate those that commit these sins, but we do not like the sin and wish they would not do them. Yet many who call themselves Christian vote Democratic.
My point being that those that call themselves Christian should not support an organization that supports Abortion or Homosexuality. For per the book of James when you know it is a sin yet you support those that commit the sin you are in effect committing that sin by support a group that allows these sin to continue.
Now I wish to make this also clear. I do support the right of a woman to choose, but I do not support the ways and methods being used at this time. Planned Parenthood does not live up to its name. It should be call Planned Infanticide or as I refer to legalized human sacrifice.
I feel a woman can make a mistake and if need be terminate the child. I do not like it, but I will not block such an action. Here is where Planned Parenthood SHOULD teach the woman how to avoid getting pregnant again, but they do not do this. They encourage the woman to come back again and repeat the procedure as many times as they see fit to do so. To me this is when it truly becomes human sacrifice and those at Planned Parenthood are the priests and priestess of this religion.
As for homosexuality, again if that is their choose that is theirs to make. Nevertheless, the act to force those that follow Christian believes to have to accept their behavior in their churches and business is discrimination and should be considered illegal per the first amendment, which clearly states that those wishing practice their faith cannot be changed by the government yet that is exactly what is occurring.
Therefore, if you are Christian and you vote for the Democratic Party you are condoning and supporting sin, so in turn you are sinning against God for you know it is not good.

James 4:17 – Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not, to him it is sin

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