When Jesus got angry.

There is one time and only one time that it is documented that Jesus Christ got angry. This was when he entered into the temple in Jerusalem. Here he saw corruption and hypocrisy rampant within the Jewish religion.
What can we the Christian take from this? It is obvious that if this is the only thing that caused Jesus to anger then it is those that call themselves “Christian” but their actions and behavior say otherwise then God is most likely not happy with their behavior.
Jesus made it clear that if we place God first and love our neighbors as we love ourselves, which mean to love ALL humankind, no matter what they have done or how they live, then we are giving glory and honor unto to God His Father.
Acts of self-righteousness in most cases are actions which shows you do not love your fellow brothers and sisters of the human race. If you get angry that someone curses or even willfully lives in a life of sin and you turn your back upon them you are in reality turning your back upon God, for you are deny His teachings given to us directly by His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

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