As spring looms

The days of rebirth are approaching. The nights of contemplation as some will lay upon the ground looking up at the stars. Little things may catch your eyes like the flashing of light from a firefly or the droning buzz of a Cicada fills the air once again. It is time to truly look upon these things and to truly think upon what it is you are seeing. For it is not just specs of light in the sky, it is not just a bug with a chemical ability to shine its tail to draw a mate, nor is it the sound of another insect also seeking out a mate.
All of this come from one being. All that you see about you come from one entity. Form the largest of stars to the smallest of insects and even beyond that it was all made by one being.
Yet many will say it is just chance. Yet as I have mentioned before mere chance could not even explain their very existence on this tiny speck of a planet on the edge of a galaxy which itself is on some obscure part of the universe. All their ideas which are called theories actually confirm that God the creator of all is real.
Think on that the next time you see the little wonders of this planet.

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