Do not fear being a Christian

For too long those that call themselves “Christian” have stood silent as those that oppose and even hate God have made their presence very well known. The latest example is in Indiana where the governor signed a law reinforcing the first amendment of the Constitution. In a fever pitched rage they shouted that their rights were being violated yet they are violating everyone’s rights by their insistence that they are better than anyone else. We are all equal no matter our color, creed or ethnicity and yes the right to live in sin or not.
Yet the “Christian” community for which this law was meant to help set silent in the wings saying nothing for the most part. This is not how it should be. Do not fear those that shout and say you are phobic or evil for as Christians we know what is right in the sight of God. We are the ones that are to defend God. Why? Because it is a way for God to challenge us on where we stand with our faith in Him. When you set silently you call Him a paper God, nothing more then what those that hate Him believe. You reaffirm their believes by your silence.
End the silence and cheer for God. End the war of hatred for God and be willing to stand in public and say and ACT like a Christian should.

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