The “Gimme Gimme” crowd

Due to many “ministries” out there those that think they are “Christian” are told to just pray for it and God will give it to you, oh for a little money they will pray it for you are well.
This is not how God works.
God wants all to share in Him. Many are taught to ask of God and they shall receive, which is partly true, we should also be teaching not to keep that which is given and to share it to all the world, to show that it is God’s.
Jesus said we are to spread the Gospel to all the world. To share God and Jesus throughout all of humanity, yet most keep God and Christ closed up behind closed door. This is not what we are commanded to do.
Yes God wishes to inspire us, but to what end? To keep it all to ourselves? By all mean no. He wishes us to share to our friends to our neighbors, to strangers, to sinners. Yet most just go to church on Sunday or watch a broadcast on TV and say to themselves: “I am filled.” Well I say you are truly empty and void of any true glory that may have been given unto you.
How do I share you may ask? You are reading this are you not? This is how I share God. This is how I share Jesus Christ.
Do you honestly think he suffered being wiped and then hung bloody upon a cross, which is considered the worst way to die just so you can keep Him to yourself???

::I hit the save button and finish typing unable to continue out of shear sorrow for those that selfishly keep God as their personal slave.::

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