The moral focal point (separation between church and state and the act of the government trying to make a law affecting the church)

This is an item of huge debate. When watching the movie “God is not Dead” this point was taken up in the last part of the students debates to prove that there is a God.
It is this discussion that I wish to say a few things about.
The point came up that if there is no God then there is no need for morality, but if there is no need for morality what will be the result? When you truly think upon it there is only one conclusion: Anarchy!
For without morals you are free to cheat, to steal, to murder, to rape, to commit genocide if you so desire, because there is no need for any laws of any type. Why? Because laws in most countries came from the Bible. It is from those instructions that was given unto Moses upon Mount Sinai that all law that we now have today goes by. Now before we go further one clear misconception must be addressed. Moses did not come down with just 10 commandments but ALL the laws given in Exodus and Leviticus, from how to make the Ark of the Covenant to not tattooing your skin.
We are now at a crossroads. A crossroads that is being debated amongst nine people that are supposed to be learned people. This issue they are debating would affect how things have been done since after the time of Abraham. What is even more important is that this actually challenges the first amendment of the constitution. (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof).
Now why do I say after, because what is being debated was done and allowed in and before Abraham. The world at this time was chaotic and dangerous to all. Why? Because there was no laws. Anarchy reigned free and allowed crime after crime and sin after sin to be and to cause nothing but trouble for all.
God sought out a good man and only found one truly worthy of His desires for the world and that was Abraham. From him came Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all followed laws. Laws that were given unto them by God as a way to end the anarchy, chaos and destruction. Why? For if it continued there would be no human race at all, for our ancestors would have killed each other leaving none alive and we would not be where we are today.
To change this basic principle that only a man can marry a woman and only that is considered a holy union under God is asking us to return to the was of the times of Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities about them thus crossing the line into religion. We are inviting the legalization of all type of depravity, just by changing this one definition of God laws we are saying that man is greater than God. Once this is done then the human race has sealed it judgment before God and His wrath will soon follow. Will it follow the day after this law changes? No. Will it be in a week a month? No, but it will come and it would be the anarchy that those that do not wish to follow the moral focal point given unto all. Then they will learn that it was needed and that God IS real and they will not like what they will discover in the time of anarchy to come. For those that thought themselves made free will find they are captives to their own sins.
(SUGGESTION: Remove the term “Marriage” form the government side of the issue. Call it a contractual partnership between two people this makes it legal per the government and keeps it separate form religion which dictates that a marriage is between a man and a woman as is dictated within all religions.)

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