Why do you call yourself a “Christian” when it is obvious to all you aren’t?

This is a question I think needs to be asked more than it is. Why? Because too many live within the world and still say they are “Christian” when in reality they are at the least an agnostic and at the most a hypocrite or as Jesus calls them “lukewarm” or “grey” as I call them.
Just for those who are not aware an agnostic is someone neither claims faith nor a disbelief in God. Yet many that actually think this way call themselves “Christian.” Why is this?
Because they go to a building filled with other agnostics who think and feel the exact same way and they call it a church. Now is this true of all churches? No.
Then you have other buildings again called churches filled with people living their lives as if they are of the world. They seek after materialistic gains; they stab people in the back. They demean others. All they care for is themselves. What they wear, how they look. How fancy their cars are and their homes. They live a life thinking that God is rewarding them totally unaware that they are hypocrites and destine to be spit out by Christ from His Body. Yet they do not know this and go about calling themselves “Christian” when in reality they are not.
All that is important to them is their “toys” and themselves. They speed down the highway, they cut people off, because the other person got in their way and is “the real problem.” Totally unaware that it is not the other person, but themselves that are the problem.
Yet when will they come to realize they are wrong? For most it will not be until that day they stand before God when He holds the Great White Throne Judgment. For others it will be when the second blast of the horn is heard throughout the world and they find themselves still standing here upon the earth instead of in heaven with God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.
If they do not make the call of the Rapture they will have a chance to fix their dilemma. Many will then realize the truth, but only a few of these will decide to beg forgiveness from God, but it will come at a cost. A painful and unpleasant cost for they must face a horrible death since they missed the calling of the last horn.
But as for those that only realize their errors when the stand before God on His White Throne. Those I have the most pity for. For them it will be how they did on their own merits and most will fall short. For God will be harshest upon them for because of them many that would have come to God did not because of the hypocrisies which led the other to turn their back upon God and all His wonders and Glory.

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