It is time for a revival

Too long has those within the “church” gone about thinking they are saved and blessed and going to heaven. To long has this belief been handed down to the next generation to the point that these generations see the hypocrisies and so turn away from God. Not truly understanding that it is not God they are turning away but from man-made doctrines.
It is these same type of doctrines and behavior that faced the Jewish religion two thousand years ago when Christ came to fulfill prophecy. The religious leadership was so blinded by their lust for power and control that they failed to recognize the true Messiah.
This is how the “church” is today. Too few are truly “Christian” and most of these struggle to maintain their beliefs. Bombarded from inside the “church” as well as from outside it. Many that were “Christian” have fallen away back into a life of sin. Many that think they are “Christian” live on day to day not realizing that they are actors in a play and in reality are hypocrites.
But who will be the leader to come forward and challenge all to set forward and change not only for their own good, but for the sake of the children and their children’s children? I have no answer. For I am but a voice in the wilderness of the internet. A voice upon the wind that some will hear and others will ignore, but this is my destiny, this is my calling, and I will not shirk it, for I know it is what God wishes me to do.

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