Watered down faith

More and more I see and witness things that just astound me. As I have stated in other post believe in God, His Son Jesus and the Bible is black and white. Yet I see those that have fallen for the propaganda given out by the humans. When you think upon it who are the humans going to favor? Why themselves of course.
So this is a huge factor in how people come to treat their “beliefs.” God through the Bible makes it very clear. Live in sin or out of sin. Living out of sin does not mean you will never sin, but when it happens you will feel guilt. It is this guilt people do not wish to experience. So they try to tell all that the world is no longer black and white but is grey. They try to shut down those that are saying the truth by call them the liars, judges and the hate mongers when in reality they have become the liars, judges and hate mongers. They are so determined to be allowed to live in sin that they blind themselves to what is written in the Bible. Even to the point of using the Bible to accomplish their goal. Taking selectively from it yet ignoring important statement and facts mostly spoken by Jesus Christ Himself. You must take the entire book and you must know the entire book for those that hate God know the entire Bible and use it to their advantage.

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