Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The unheard voice

A day has passed since I talked to someone. A realization, an euphony, an insight from on high. My brother had mentioned it to me last week, but to actually encounter it just astonishes me.
Someone who believes that they are of the fold but their interpretation of the word and the own actions say otherwise. I tried to give guidance and teach them, but they were locked into their stance. Is he not of the fold? I honestly do not think so, but that is not for me to say, only God and the Bible can answer that with certainty. What I have done is planted a seed. A seed that will not bear fruit till a time of God’s choosing. A time I fear may be very trying from this person and the world, but will allow him to be called blessed if he follows through and learns.
I waivered in my faith in the past. I allowed those within the religious dogmas to cause me to falter from the path God had placed upon me. He has given that burden to someone else now, but God has given me a new task. A task that will cause me to be ignored by most, shunned by others and truly hated by even more. It is a burden I gladly accept.
I will write more posts. Many that have looked at my posts in the past may ignore me and even block me, but I will still write more post. I have been given a burden to call to those that slumber. That think they are awake, but they are in a dream of their own making. A dream in which they feel and believe they are one with God and of God, but it is just a dream.
Some will awaken from their dream when they read my words. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday they just may awaken. For I do not do this for my vain glory but for the glorification of God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. I will continue to teach the true meaning of the Bible as it is shown to us in the Greek and Hebrew which is the closest available at this time to the original inspiration of the words by God to those that penned them. Showing that many current translations of the Bible are not truly translations, but commentaries by those that wish to change to Bible to where it allows them to live in sin and not feel the sting of sorrow and remorse from guilt.
This is the mission, this is the goal that God through His Son Jesus that I have been set to follow and fulfill.
A voice in the electronic highway known as the internet. A simple voice blowing in the wind that time to time someone hears, understands and grows. Yet most time I will be nothing more than an unheard voice in the wilderness.

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