What is repentance?

To repent means to turn from your sin. Basically to do a one-eighty. It means you stop doing that sin. This is not what is being taught if taught at all though. Many going about living their life’s doing as they wish. Usually contrary to the Bible, otherwise known as living in sin. Yet many go to church on Sunday and feel that their mere effort to show up at church is enough to redeem them in the eyes of God.
That ain’t how it works.
That is no repentance. To be blunt that is not even salvation.
To live a selfish life is totally opposite the teaching of the Bible. We are taught within the Bible to place God first and foremost and to do so every single day, not just Sunday. We are told to be humble and not to try and show ourselves as better than anyone else. Yet millions do just that and thousands of them call themselves “Christian,” again this is not repentance.
True repentance is a shattering of your very personality you have lived with before you asked Jesus into your life, yet many do exactly the same thing they did before they asked Him in. Some do change, but then something happens and they return to their old way of life. I know this for a fact because this happened to me, so don’t say that isn’t true when having lived it I know that it is true.
True repentance is painful, hard and something you beg and plead God to take from you. Gee, where did I see that take place in the Bible? Oh yea in an orchard just before the Pharisee’s men came to arrest Christ. Christ has been where you are, but He did not take the out He was given for His love of humankind and His selfless act was the greatest gift of all. What He accepted can easily be taken from you, but can still be emotionally painful and agonizing. In some cases you will be asked to leave that which you love, a person, money, and a lifestyle. It will hurt and it will take time for this pain to pass but it is something that must be done. But remember you cannot do it alone nor can you. For Christ Himself will help you through it. Reading the Bible will help you through it. Talking with those that have been though it can help you through it and praying can help you through it.
True love hurts and only through a true love of God and Christ will you ever get to truly understand that pain and why it is needed.

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