Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: You know there are just some days you wish you could see the plan God has set for you

As I write this I have encountered such a day. It would just be so cool to look over God’s shoulder as he is mapping out the way your life should go if you honor and trust His lead, which is what we are to do just for the record. When you are hit with a sudden and unexpected emotional punch in the gut. You are going along thinking you are doing fine and bam the wind is knocked out of you and your emotions go into a spiral.
Yes I got angry for about five minutes then I just started thinking and praying and I lost the anger. The anger would do me no good it would accomplish me nothing, so why be anger? Am I still depressed over the issues? Yes I am for I was becoming excited at the prospects that lay ahead of me and to once again having those goals, that I saw as something good for me and my family, kicked out from under me as they had been once before, but again not as depressed as happened the first time this occurred. Mainly due to the fact that I am placing my trust and faith in God as to how He wishes my life to go so it will honor Him.
Then I started to look at this at different perspectives. First and foremost was the prospective that God has something else in store for me or that His timing was not just write. Could it be He wanted to see if I would do what I am doing this very moment? Sharing it with you the reader. Giving you an insight into how God’s plans work under His time table and never under yours. For we are His servant not the other way around and any that tell you otherwise either do not know the Bible or are lying to you.
Yes it would have been a help for this event to occur for it would have allowed me to be more accessible to my family, but I will just have to try and figure out another method to do that better until God says I have accomplished my goals assigned by Him.
You see we all have tasks that we are assigned to do by God. For this life a test to see if we are worthy to go to the next level of existence. It will be approximately one hundred years now, then if we pass that we are told there will be a thousand years here on earth co-reigning with Jesus Christ, then there will be the eternal life beyond the Great White Throne Judgment. These latter two things are beyond our full comprehension to understand so God has saw fit not to tell us too much about them, but we are told they are real and will take place.
So in the mean time we must go through our maze of life, seek after the righteous path God desires for us to go down. Will we make the correct turn at the correct time? Not always, but that is the cost of free will. What is most important is to honor God, to trust God and believe all is possible through and with God. For once you forgotten this you have definitely turned down the wrong path.

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