Who really rejects who God or the people?

There are many that are under this impression that it is God who rejects people. There are also those who are under the impression that God welcomes everyone.
Both are wrong. God loves all and wishes all to turn to Him through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, BUT if you wish to live in sin you are not welcome. It is each person’s choice where they wish to be. If they chose the sin then they reject God. They may think this is not true if they do accept God. Okay, then give up the sin.


That is their response to what I just said. They would rather live in the sin and insist that God take them as they are. Yes I used the word “insist” on purpose.
Just think upon that for a moment. They insist………………..
What is the definition of “insist?”
Well that would be: demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal


That takes some mighty big “courage” to stand up to the Creator and demand and not accept refusal.
What this really says to me is that people have no true concept of who the Creator of the universe really is.
God is not our servant, we are His servants.
God is not our genie, we are here at HIS discretion.
Time to wake up folks. Give up the sin or learn to get comfortable in heat
I am not saying this… The Bible says it… read and see for yourself.

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