This year of turmoil

As we come to the close of another years, and as we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. I wish to reflect upon what has transpired in the United States in this last year.
As was made clear to Nebuchadnezzar as God placed him through trails and tribulation until he came to the point of saying without a doubt that Daniel’s God was the one and only true God. But not only that, but that any person in political power truly and only is placed there by God allowing them to be there. We must remember that this is true for governments throughout all the ages of man.
That being said, we must come to realize that our current President who through his actions or inactions has nearly single handedly destroyed this once proud nation, has done so not by his hand as I feel he truly believes to be so, but by God’s will.
“Why?” Many that have just read my above words are shouting in anger.
Because God is punishing those that live in this nations for forgetting where our “pride” came from. It was in the belief in God. That we as a nation severed and honored God. There will be those that shout out that this nation caused slavery is that by God? The answer is no that was by human greed and avarice. It was by the actions of the believe in God that actually caused the end of slavery, but due to the sins of humanity that had caused slavery a blood offering was required and so we had the Civil War as a result. Did that end human’s mistreatment to other humans? No, for as long as humanity lives within a corrupt body we will, especially when not taught correctly, hurt other humans.
But it was due to our faith in God that empowered and enabled us to end Hitler who was slaughtering millions just for the belief that a select few were better than the majority. This same mentality was seen in the U.S.S.R. and is South Africa, and it was through our belief and faith in God that helped us to achieve these goals of causing change to the former Soviet Union and in the government of South Africa.
But in this year we have seen the fruits for turning from God ripen and bear corrupt fruit. For God is now yelling at us to return to Him. To acknowledge Him as Lord over all that we do and say, but humanity has forgotten the true meaning of the Bible within the borders of this once proud nation. Now we are the laughing stock to the entire world and those that once feared us due to our faith and believe in the one true God have risen up. For when no strength is seen is when those that are petty selfish, and self-serving come into the light. Not only in violence but in a totally disregard for what is morally right in the eyes of God. It is when the “bullies” come out to play and shove around those they see as weak and ignorant.
They see Christianity as weak so they seek to force it out. They see the populous is weak for they allow those that are abusing the law to do as they so please even though what they are doing is against the law. But since the “bullies” shout and stare those down that challenge them, what was the law is no more. What was good in the sight of God is now seen as corrupt and ugly, and those the sit in their homes complaining yet have not raised a hand or a voice to stop the “bullies” are labeling themselves as what they truly are. Traitors to the Creator of all there was, is, and ever will be.
As we look about at all the bloodshed that has passed this last year. More blood than has been spilled since the Vietnam War, and more innocent blood then has been shed since World War II, who is to truly blame for the hardships this nation is not suffering?
Only those that do not stand up for the Creator. Only those that do not stand in the middle of the street and shout at the top of their lungs: “NO MORE!”
Only when those that say a sin is a sin and you must leave sin behind or suffer eternal torment, actually say it to the face of those that truly live in sin.
Once that occurs then, just maybe, just maybe God may save us from ourselves.
End Political Correctness for it is not correct and is a sin against God.
Remove those that wish to remove God from our Nation. For the First amendment says that the government cannot make religion, but it also says they cannot stop you from freely practicing your believe in God. So by removing the Ten Commandments from public property, by removing God from school. The government is in violation of the constitution and as the people of this nation we have the duty, not the right, but the duty to end the tyranny that is now within the United States Government.
And it is our duty to remove from office, any that denies there is a God, encourages sin against God and are professed liars. For all these things are a sin against God and per the Bible any that support a sin commit this same sin and must answer for it before God Himself.
So remember, all these horrors we have seen in this nation this year are our own faults and only by returning to God can we end this horror, which will only get worse if we do not beg forgiveness from the Maker of the universe, God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

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