Confession of a screwed up middle aged man: the corner

As I write this I had just left a situation where I made people feel cornered in their beliefs. I feared their response when I asked a question but included the statement of “yuck … football.”
This set them off for they could not accept that they thought more of a sport than they did of God. So they attacked as I knew they would.
I knew they were not ready for the truth. I sensed it, but they pushed. I told them twice later I warned them, but they were beyond listening at that point.
I was able to reprove, in a way rebuke and slightly able to exhort, but by then they had started using the “judging” card. Unaware of the true meaning of what “judging” really is as I feared would be the case.
By the time it is was done they had shut me down, but seeds were planted, for God wanted that to happen.

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