Confessions of a screwed up middle ages man: I am not here to win a popularity contest

I am here to profess God.
I am here to call a sin a sin.
I am here to reprove.
I am here to rebuke.
I am here to exhort.
I am here to be ridiculed.
I am here to be hated because I will not turn my back on God and the teachings of the Bible.
Any that say Christians should improve their image to cause more to like them does not know the Bible.
Any that say God is neutral does not truly know God.
Any that say you can live your life as you see fit per the Bible hates you. (Proverbs 13:24)
Any that truly profess the Bible are seeking God.
Any that truly strive to be like Jesus is a Christian.
Sorry if this is not the popular thing to say or do.
But I do what the Bible says to do and per the Bible it has never been popular since many were killed for doing as the Bible says we should live and act.

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