Tomorrow’s primary vote…. PLEASE READ

In a previous post I showed straight from the Bible how Trump fully fits the description of a false teacher (A true reflection of 2 Peter 2). Now I am fully aware that many will vote for him. I wish they would not for the reason I just stated. I have also shown that no one that calls themselves “Christian” should ever support anyone from the Democratic Party (Stop falling for the propaganda [Biblical grounds for not voting Democrat]).
Will people listen to me? That in itself is laughable. Not because people do not read these post, but people do not truly believe in most cases what I am saying. Why? Because not enough people know the Bible.
The Bible clearly states that we are to place God first in EVERYTHING that we do. That includes voting. So if we place our Creator first, by using the teachings of the Bible we are to pick the person that is the best reflection of Jesus Christ. Someone that is servant leader.
At this time due to the number of delegates already won by the candidates. There is only two Republican candidates at this time. Since we as Christians should not vote for Trump or the Democrats that leaves only one person we should vote for.
Following what was just stated. Tomorrow do not vote for Trump, Kasich or Rubio, and never vote for any person for any position of the Democratic Party.

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