Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: the shallow Christian

Yesterday, after the primary results were released about Arizona and Utah a blaring fact was made clear. Christianity is no longer a true faith, but a group of people living within a machination that they use as an excuse to feel they are redeemed, saved and able to be welcome in heaven.
I decided to make a small comment on a radio personalities Facebook page. It was clear and to the point. That point being that Mormons, a group of people that have been convinced by another book that their founder added to the Bible, in other words a cult, showed more knowledge of the true Bible then those that profess to be “Christian.”
Let’s just look at this last Tuesday’s primary results. Per Pew Research, 53% of the people of the state of Arizona say they are “highly religious” ( Now Utah is said to have 64% that state this, but we must also note that Utah is the home of the Church of Latter Day Saints, and as was point out above have added to the Bible, which is seen as a cult by Christendom (
Now as I have pointed out in a previous post. Donald Trump fit the description of a false teacher ( Now as was shown to me yesterday there are those that think just because Mr. Trump does not profess to be a religious person he cannot be called a false teacher. Is his actions those of the world? Yes they are, then he is of the world. Does he profess to be knowledgeable and command your attention? Yes, then he is a teacher and since he does not follow the Bible he is a false one. A false teacher is a still false even though he is not of a religion and turns you away from the truth of the Bible.
Now that we have the ground work established. Here is the percentage of the vote for a Donald Trump the false prophet and for Ted Cruz the man who is human, but is a better reflection of Jesus Christ than Mr. Trump ever will be.
47.1% or 249,916 people voted for Mr. Trump in Arizona.
24.9% or 132,147 people voted for Mr. Cruz.
Now this is from a state as shown above is said to be 53% “highly religious.”
Now let’s look at Utah with a Mormon population that is 58% of the state per
Donald Trump got 14.0% or 24,864 people
Ted Cruz received 69.2% or 122,567 people
This is how the polls should look when all those that call themselves “Christian” vote for the person that is the closest reflection of Jesus Christ.
NOTE: Since Mr. Kasich has shown he supports Homosexual marriage (see first Republican debate) he is on par with Mr. Trump and not Mr. Cruz.
This vote is both a blessing and curse. For God has given the citizens of the nation the ability to show their belief in God and their faith in Him by choosing the leaders of this nation. When we do not vote our belief in God or His Son the Lord Jesus Christ but for our personal wants, desires and lusts; than the voter is voting for sin and the world and are showing the curse of the vote, not its blessing. So they are showing that they are shallow Christians, or as the Bible says that which they are, which is hypocrites.

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