Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: An echo from the past seen through the imperfect mirror called humanity

As I watched both the “King of the Kings” and the “Son of God” this holy Easter weekend. It struck me suddenly as I watched the sentencing of Jesus that Passover day nearly two thousand years ago. I watched as Pilate asked the gathered crowd before him which of the two men, Barabbas or Jesus he should release.
In reality we do not know the makeup of the crowd as has been portrayed multiples times in shows and movies. What we do know was the choice and the choice was made by the people.
What struck me and caused me to look upon this sentencing in a new light was the events the United States finds themselves in one again. The selection of a president of this nation. What has caused me to make this comparison between the two was how the Republican primaries have been unfolding.
It has come down to two men for the people of the nation to choose from. Now there will be those that will insist that this comparison is foolhardy on my point. Why this is, is because they have no true understanding of the salvation of Jesus Christ, which was given unto all humanity willing to hear and answer when He rose from the dead three days after that very trial.
For any that truly hear and understand when they think upon this comparison they will see exactly that which I have seen myself.
On the one hand we have our Barabbas. He is a liar. He lives in lust and freely admits that he has cheated upon his many wives including the fact that he will do the same with the current one. He graves after money and power, prideful and arrogant. He says he will accomplish great wonders yet the very next day or even the very next hour he states something totally opposite. Yet still millions flock behind him and call him savior of the nation. The Bible shows him to be a false teacher as seen in the words of 2 Peter 2. Yet still millions flock behind him and call him savior, and no I am not being flippant with the word “savior.” For when you look at what these people say and how they respond and act when they are challenged. The worship him and adore him as that very word “savior.”
Now we have had at minimum three possibly four men in the Republican primaries that can be called “Christian.” Those that were a better reflection than what is left were not supported by the people. Now we are down to one that even comes close to reflecting Jesus Christ. Is he good reflection of Jesus? No, but who is. What can be said is that he is a better reflection than any other of either party that this nation picks from.
So we have a Barabbas and we have a weak reflection of Jesus. Yet how has the vote been going? To date the people as in that time two thousand years ago have been picking Barabbas over the best choice. It is sad that it is not the man that will be crucified but this nation which will be placed upon that cross this time.

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