“Crazy moral code”??????

This is how the morals taught by the Bible are seen by someone that has no true idea what they are. They think that those that strive to follow the Bible are wackos and nut jobs. Why? Because they have fallen for the lectures of others that have taught them that their way is the way to perfection. When this is the furthest thing from the truth.
See this is the thing. It is something that people just don’t think about, because they were not taught the Bible as we are told to do from when they were children into adulthood. The Bible states that we are to not to listen to false teachers and what these teachers look like is seen in 2 Peter 2.
Now if you read the third chapter of Colossians you cannot only see how we are not to behave but also how we are to behave. Now if any says this cannot be taught within the Bible or that the Bible is a lie do qualify as false teachers. From what we are hearing these days this qualifies for most of those that teach in universities and in any courses that go against the teachings of the Bible.
When someone has reached the point to call true ethics and pure morality that encourages true love and respect of all humanity “crazy” that means that they have reached the full antithesis of what is right with humanity and all that is left is that which will lead to human destruction.
There are those that say you do not need something like the Bible to have morals. I say that without the Bible there is no point of reference for what morality can be defined as. So if there is not point to start from what is moral to one is immoral to another. When someone says they can dominate others and say they are moral. When someone can sexually abuse children and say they are moral. When someone can commit mass murder on the scale of the Holocaust and say they are moral. Then without the Bible they are moral, but with the Bible we know them to have a “Crazy moral code.”

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