Where I am By Billy Graham – My commentary 2

As I have progressed through this book by this great servant of God I am humbled, honored, and reassured. But why?
The answer is because how he see the Word of God and how he see the consequence of adhering to the Christ’s teaches are the true key to salvation. Because seeing that he sees the Bible as I see the Bible nearly word for word, and as a result I feel confident in my ministry to help people awaken to the real truth.
He states many things as I have stated them and even gives an insight to issues of faith, salvation and what will result if you choose the world of God that have helped me know that Holy Spirit is with me.
He is doing the one thing God tells us to do with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Give reassurance, which in turn strengthens us. He is showing the love that is within all Christians. He is not afraid to tell the truth like so many are.
In true love for all the truth is the most important thing that must be heard. Too many do not talk of the results of not listening to God. Mr. Graham makes it clear that this is a lie by omission which is still a sin and even a worse sin than many realize or wish to acknowledge.
If you truly love God and wish to serve Him through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. You will not be afraid to tell someone that if they do not change their ways their fate is something that you would not wish any to suffer. Mr. Graham makes it clear it is black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. There is no middle ground there is no grey area in your choice to follow God or not to follow Him.
Billy Graham makes it clear. People cannot go to church on Sunday and then spend the rest of the week in and of the world. In simply terms they love that which they have chosen. If they live in the world 8610 hours of the year and only 156 hours with God then it is the world they love. Serving God is a love that uses all 8766 hours of the year every year.

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