America has spoken now judgment can begin

On Tuesday the last candidate that could be called truly “Christian” was rejected by the United States of America. The death sentence of this once proud nation has been sounded.
A majority of the populous has publicly made it know where they stand with God, and God is not to be denied. Israel the chosen and special people of God did it multiple time and each time it was to their detriment.
The average American citizen will do as they did. Scoff at these words if they even bother to read them. They did not realize that their rejection of Him will come back to haunt them.
Now those that are truly “Christian” need to do as the early church did. Come together as never before. They must seek out and support each other in true brotherly and sisterly love, the true meaning of “philadelphia.” The people of America have announced to all that they are of the world and desire it more than they desire God.
The letters of the New Testament were written in a time of great strive to the followers of Christ. The writers of these letters referred to “love” many time. In today’s society most thing these words of love were for “Christians” to love all, but that was the furthest thing from the truth. It was ONLY for Christian to love and support their fellows and none others.
They were to remove themselves form those that rejected the calling and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ upon the cross. That is now required today. This will result in great hardships, pain, discomfort and even misery.
The thing is this hardship, pain, discomfort and misery will not only be experienced by those that are truly followers of Jesus, but every single legal American citizen. However, the hardship will most likely be more so for those that have accepted Jesus.
The cries will reach up into heaven asking for the soon return of Jesus, which is ever closer every day and is made possible by the open apostasy of most within this nation.
This is your last call to truly seek repentance from the Son of God. Will this writing you now read be the actual “last call” I seriously doubt it. It is more like the beginning of the last call. Understand this though. This is real. There is no grey. There is only black and white. There is only right and wrong and the people of this once proud and great nation have openly chosen the black, the wrong, the pit of fire.
As long as you have breathe to breath in this temporal body you can redeem yourself with the Creator of the universe. You can still become a true and faithful “Christian.” Understand this though. Soon you will witness great strive affecting all in this nation as never before. It may be slow and grow ever gradually or it could happen in a moment and never stop until you breathe your last, but it is coming and it is coming very soon. Seek out God. Seek out Jesus. Seek out those that ARE TRULY “Christian” and know that only God is the true salvation. Not humans that promise what they can never deliver.

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