God is in everything even a kiss

That was a line in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo (2002). It is hard to find movies that have the courage to even mention God. Especially movies that are morality tales, which this movie is.
Why I mention this line is just how true it is. For when someone truly commits themselves in their faith to belief in Christ as their Savior. This is how they are to show thing of every single action they do. For once you ask Jesus into your life you are His representative upon this temporal plain of existence. If you are not striving to improve yourself in a way that makes you a better reflection of Jesus in every single action that you do. From a kiss, to deciding who is to lead your country. If it does not follow what is taught within the Bible. Then we must change how we are to think to reflect the Bible and thus reflect Christ which in turn reflects God.
So remember you must seek to be a better reflection of Jesus Christ every single day in every single action. So think upon that the next time you kiss your spouse or future spouse or your child. For God is in EVERYTHING even a kiss.

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