I find it funny yet sad.

The other day when I made my post about science and God I was attacked upon my views from someone within the Body. (How scientist discount God, but how science proves He is.)
Now I know we all have our differences. I know many do not believe as I believe. That is fine. This goes for everyone by the way.
Why I mention it in this post though is the way he went about it. I have shown several times that we in the Christian Body are to be humble. Also admittedly there are times when I too have been less humble then I should have been, but we are all human. We all slip up.
This person’s wording were an actual attack, which is really against the teachings within the Bible. We are taught that when someone errs the person that sees this error is to take the man aside (i.e. privately) talk to him and explain his mess up. If he does not listen then we are to do it with two people and then again if he does not listen with the deacons of the church.
This man made his attack public. He also worded his sentence in a way that was the total opposite of humble. Simply he acted as if I was ignorant.
Why I say this, is I responded humbly, well at least I think I did. I also allowed him to have the last word publicly. I thought upon it and prayed. So the next day in a private reply I explained where he had erred in his behavior. His response was what is the most interesting.
He directly said, “Why are you messaging me?” then proceed to place himself above me once again.
It this type of behavior, which is against our teaching as Christians. It is this type of behavior, which is wrong with many that call themselves Christian. This in turn makes people think Christianity is wrong and evil, which it is not. It is the true way to peace and salvation when someone actually follows the teachings within the Bible.
Those who claim to be Christian and behave in a way that in not taught within the Bible are not being Christian. If you have an attitude that you are always right and anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, this is not Christian. If you look down upon and belittle anyone this is not Christian.
One of the first things someone learns when you truly humble yourself is you are most likely never right, but what is taught within the Bible is right, and so you must follow it and watch yourself for at any time you may stumble and walk the wrong way.
There is only one being that is always right. For he was born perfect. He lived perfectly, and he learned all that was required to take our sins away. His name is Jesus. If you are not He, then you know that you do not know everything and so you are humbled once again.
With true humility, you are incapable of looking down upon anyone. You can meet them eye to eye, for when you look upward all you should see and feel is the presence of God looking down upon you. For God is the only one that should look down upon anyone.
This is how all who call themselves Christian should think, but rarely do. It is because they have not been taught the Bible. Most that call themselves Christian have never fully read the Bible at least once. They are spoon-fed parts of it.
Understand this. It is not your Pastor or Priest duty to teach you the Bible. It is your responsibility. It is also something you should truly desire to read and learn if you truly believe you are a child of God. Is it not time to learn the faith, which you embrace? Then it is time to learn the Bible.

Get the King James Version. Why? New versions of the Bible are someone else’s translation of the translation made by the King James commission. The goal is to know how the words were originally used in the Hebrew and Greek. To do that you will also need a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and a/or several dictionaries. Also get your hands upon the unabridged version of the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament.
Do this and you will truly learn the Bible and truly understand your faith when you do. Many may even come to realize that they are truly not saved even though they think they are and actually bend a knee to Jesus Christ and ask Him in their are for real.


  1. “Our inner hankering is for satisfaction, happiness, sweetness, love, beauty and mercy.” Swami B.R.Sridhar maharaja. Indeed, there has to be humility on the spiritual journey. I have a king James version of the Bible and grew up in a Christian atmosphere. In fact, I had to pass Bible lessons in order to graduate from high school, which were taught throughout my entire school life up to high school. Yet, I still didn’t know who God, the Father truly is (was). But later in life, I found out. You may find some interesting insights about Him on my blog page. Blessed be.

  2. I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I once posted a piece on creationism on my blog (actually re-posted as it wasn’t even my work) and was lambasted for it. Whenever I get a negative review on my writing, I’m bothered by it. In the social age we live in, people have taken to attacking each other on line with a ferocity they wouldn’t ever consider using in face to face conversation.
    I agree with you that Christian humility means not looking down on others. But I would take it a step further. I would hazard to say that true humility means not being able to be looked down upon. Here’s what I mean. I’ve heard it said that humility is seeing yourself as God sees you, no more, no less. By taking offence at another human being’s opinion of us, we are in essence saying that human’s opinion is more important than God’s and that our opinion of ourselves (the opinion that’s offended by the attack) is more important than God’s.
    I think we Christians need to not only learn how to correct in love without attacking, but also how to be attacked without taking offense. We should learn to look at that other person’s opinion subjectively, hold it up against the Scriptures, and then pray for the Holy Spirit’s help to make any changes we feel convicted to make. Beyond that, we should thank the person for their time and input, argue our point only if there’s a chance it will bear fruit, and move on.
    Humility not only means being inoffensive, it means being un-offendable. I’m praying for God’s grace in my own life so that I can one day reach the place where only His opinion matters to me

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