What if?

Hey all you readers out there that say there is no such thing as God, that Jesus never lived.
Let’s play a game of:
So here it goes.
What if there is a God?
What if that committing sins will cause you not to be welcome before God?
Now let’s say, what if God sent His only Son down into this temporal plain of existence to die for all the sin that all will ever commit?
What if three days after his death upon a cross he rose from the dead?
What if the Son of God is still alive today?
What if you decide it ask God to be your Savior?
What if you are accepted but decide you would rather live in sin rather than forsake it on the chance that your body would be transformed into a higher live form?
What if you do forsake your sins and strive daily to come to a better understanding of the Bible, and God as well as His Son?
What if one day a shout can be heard throughout the entire world and you along with a few others upon the earth vanish form the surface and find yourself ascended into a perfect body that will last billions of years?
What if you still lived life in this new body?
What if you ate and drank, talked and laughed?
What if you look one day into a pit of fire and see many that you once knew writhing in pain and agony, barely recognizable due to their burnt shin and worms covering them?
What if one day you found yourself millions of light years away from this small blue planet on the edge of the Milky Way which is on a branch of Laniakea?
What if you were helping others to learn about God?
What if God looked at you one day and said “Well done my child?”

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