“Scripture alone”

This was the battle cry so to speak by those within the Reformation.
Two major factor caused this to happen.
The first was the Muslim conquest of Constantinople in 1453.
Many in the west had for the most part only known of the Latin version of the Bible that was presented and taught by the Catholic Church.
Now due to the fall of this city many scholars and their Greek versions of the Bible came to be seen and known in the west.
Since Greek was the original language of the letters, for the most part, that form the New Testament questions were raised and monks and priests started to learn Greek and Hebrew and a new world was opened unto them.
The second was the printing press, which enabled the spread of not only the Greek by later common language copies of the Bible to be printed and spread to not only the rich but to the commoner.
Why this battle cry was so important is that they found that the doctrines that had risen from Catholicism were inaccurate or even non-existent within the true translation of the Bible.
They knew and came to understand that every person must learn the Bible. In addition that no human can be trusted to pass on the knowledge of the Bible accurately by themselves.
What many do not understand or know is due to the Roman Empire, a large majority of its citizens were literate. When Rome fell literacy diminished as well as other things that would become known as the Dark Ages.
During this time those with power and riches sought more of the same and so many, even those within the Catholic Church did not correctly teach the Bible. Some of which resulted in the Crusades for example.
Due to the Reformation the need and understanding to learn firsthand the Word of God become something that all must do. And so many even though it resulted in their deaths pursued this very ideal.
So to honor those that died so that you can just go down to a store and pick up a copy of the Bible or even just look online and read it there. You owe it to them to learn what was worth dying for.
The truth within the Word of God.

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