Out of nowhere it seems

Ever since this episode of the vulgarity of the Republican candidate came to light. Suddenly the realization that many that say they are “Christian” are having doubts, are questioning what is real. Are set-a-back by the fact that they may not be where they should be with God.
Well, all I can say is. It is about time.
Yet do I still feel that enough have awoken to the truth or are even asking the right questions?
Too many have become seduced by the world. Too many seek more possessions. Too many seek after the latest fad or items. Too many spend what money they have on the luxuries of the world. Too many spend their time worshiping sports as they should be worshiping the Creator of all.
Too many are the lukewarm. Too many are hypocrites.
This is the reality. This is the truth.
I will say this again so that those willing to listen may hear. If you say you are “Christian” and vote Democratic you are nowhere near being Christian. For that party supports human sacrifice known as abortion. That party supports all sins most of which are told within the Bible will not be welcome within heaven.
I understand that people make their own choices to either live in sin or not. We cannot dictate to them not to live in sin if that is their desire, their lust.
But when we condone it. When we show support for their choices by supporting an organization dedicated to establishing a world in their eyes “free of God.” Than for those that call themselves “Christian” and vote for any in this group are in essence stating that they are right and God is wrong. They are saying that the creation is better than the creator. (See Romans 1)
Yet this is only part of the problem.
We have those that ran without looking back toward a mere mortal and cried out to the world that he was their savior. Any that doubted them were the true sinner the true unfaithful to their new savior and should be rejected outright.
Now reality is coming to roost for many out there as they find their shining knight has tarnished, rusted and dirty armor. The paint is washing off of his white charger.
This is what happens when you turn from God and seek after what is of His creation. Yet this is how most that call themselves “Christian” live day to day. Now many have a misconception of what being a Christian really means. They honest think that going to church once a week is enough. This is a lie.
Once again I point out what is called the greatest commandment by Jesus Christ Himself. We are to love GOD with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul.
What does that mean?
With our hearts we love God with all our heart and continually.
With our minds we think of God constantly. Learning and memorizing scripture and the meaning of the words of the Bible in their original languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.
With our souls we show our love to God by asking Jesus Christ to be our Savior and to follow the teachings of the Bible. Striving daily to repent of all our sins and to live more and more like Christ every day.
This is where the majority of our efforts should be.
God First, our spouse second, our family third and all else somewhere down the line.
Does this mean we require the best of everything? Actually no.
All we require is what will carry us to the next day. A simple shelter, food, clothing and a way to get around.
The Bible makes this very clear with the encounter with the rich man. He asks Jesus, after showing that he is faithful and true to God, what is required to guarantee his entry into heaven. Jesus instructed him to sell everything and give it to the poor and then come and follow Him.
The rich man went away disheartened. Then Christ made it clear that those that seek after riches will have a harder time entering into the eternal life than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.
Are you willing to sell everything?
Are you willing to give up your sports, your golf, your home, your car, your club memberships, your expensive trips?
This is what is required by most that call themselves “Christian.”
I have done it and I still have more to do, but at least I have done the most important part, and I have following Jesus Christ my Savior as the Bible teaches all that are willing to do so.

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