It is time to let churches die.

Now let me say this up front. I am not saying end belief in God that is a must, which more need to come and acknowledge.
What I am saying is that the businesses called “churches” must end.
It is churches that have caused so many to lose their faith and belief in God in the first place for well over the last one hundred years.
What is needed is the return to living room churches or even park churches.
Okay before I go any further let’s make this word “church” end here.
The meaning no longer fits what it was originally nearly two thousand years ago. Now it has been perverted and changed into something that is a pseudo-religion, not the Body of Christ itself. The buildings today which are called by this name in most cases no longer teach the Gospel. All they do is teach feel good messages to keep the pews full and the money raking in. It is this current image of “churches” that has allow those false prophets like Osteen to flourish and to become rich off the suckers that come into their buildings or mail in their hard earned cash for a supposed “blessings” that will never come.
I think going with the Quaker or Amish wording is more suited. “Meeting.”
The Meeting can be at anyone’s house or as I a mentioned parks and such places that are open and free. It can change weekly.
This is to help get people to once again focus on the real reason to be gathering together. To honor and worship God through the love and grace of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ and to truly fellowship, not socialize or network. Fellowship, by reinforcing people’s faith and belief, console and reinforce when there is doubt and lack of understanding.
As to the pastor issue. I feel more and more that any person associated with an organization or organized religion should not be sought after, but at the sometime should not be rejected either. However, they should not be in charge all the time either. There should be a group though that does meet to organize where they wish to meet, but keep at the same time every week. Each person in the group taking turns to teach those at the Meeting their own chosen topic from the Bible. No ongoing messages that make you have to come back every week for several weeks. All that is designed to do is keep you coming back to tithe more.
Why is there a need to let churches die? The answer is obvious to all that have eyes to see. They only serve as social clubs full of gossips and football stories, when or if the message of God is taught it is so watered down and useless that none grow from it. This is why so many leave the church now. They see the hypocrisy and come to a point of saying I can learn more outside of religion. Never realizing that what they have witnessed is not truly God or His Son, but humans parading to be more than what they are.
That why Meetings need to come to be. Small groups of no more than twenty max, smaller preferred. All with one goal in mind. Coming to know the Bible better and in so doing come to know true salvation.

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