The accidental misuse of God’s gift to you, your daily bread.

This is one I myself am guilty of and I am strive hard to correct this issue. What is it exactly? As I say in the title it is our “daily bread.”
However to be truly accurate it is the money we receive for working.
Right now many reading are doing the usual of questioning my point of view, but they shouldn’t. For those that go into the world and seek to gain an income so that they can have a place to live, have a car, clothes to wear and to be able to eat, is in essence our daily bread. Is this not part of the Lord’s Prayer? Then in basic reality this is a blessing from God.
How we manage this blessing from God is part of the stewardship that God places upon us, as is working to gain this blessing. But more into how we manage this blessing.
One of the biggest misuses of God gift to us has been credit, now most in the western world live off of credit. Why? Because they have been led to believe that this is how we are to live. We are to get loans for everything. This is our willing surrender of God’s gift unto to others that do not need or deserve to receive God’s gift given unto you.
Leviticus 25:35 “If one of your fellow Israelites falls into poverty and cannot support himself, support him as you would a foreigner or a temporary resident and allow him to live with you. 36 Do not charge interest or make a profit at his expense. Instead, show your fear of God by letting him live with you as your relative. 37 Remember, do not charge interest on money you lend him or make a profit on food you sell him.”
Romans 13:8 – Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law.
Unfortunately we have all fallen for this brainwashing, and so all we thing we own we mostly do not, but we must end this cycle.
I am now pursing getting my house in order and I must say I am ashamed that I have lived most of my life in debt not to God, but to a usurer. Why is this?
Because we are to live humbly and modestly and any extra we have is to be used to help those in need. This in the Body first then those outside of the Body with no interest and need to repaid sought after.
I highly recommend looking into Finical Peace University and learn how to be debt free and allow yourself to use the gift God has blessed you with as it was meant to be used.

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