Confessions of a screwed up middle aged man: The tight rope

I go through this world. Struggling against its temptations and distractions. As I have grown in my knowledge of the Word of God I see what is of the world and of its present master.
People have forgotten that at this time due to the actions of Eve and Adam we are cursed. A curse that can look like a blessing. Blinding them to what is true and what is truly real.
What are these blessing that are in reality not? Wealth, prestige, fame, luxuries, debt. As each of these things is required even in what could be called “the right states of mind.” It reduces that which we are promised once we move on to the next level of existence we are promised by God Himself.
I have come to see these vices. Some have come at a great cost. Others have come through truly learning the Bible. Yet still the world attacks. But I must not yield, as those that do not truly understand do without even realizing that they have.
We are told not to be a part of the world, yet to walk through it all the same. We are to be separate yet of, and it is that fine line that we must walk that many if not most fall from.
Most have never been taught of this tight rope they must labor to stay upon. Largely none have even climb the ladder that leads to the rope itself, and are drowning in the waters at the foot of the ladder.
Waters that are nothing but lies and confusion. Waters that carry them this way and that never letting them catch their breath as they struggle to keep their heads above the rolling waves, that constantly threaten to pull them to their eternal deaths. Mostly, all the time not aware of their very plight. Blinded by the curses of the world. Reaching for them rather than the ladder when it comes into their view if they could even see it.
All I can do is call out. Yelling that the ladder is this way, toward the light of God. However, most are so blind that they are repelled instead of drawn toward my voice and all I can do is cry in sorrow.

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