They don’t even realize they sin

People for the most part that say they are “Christian” don’t even see the little sins that they commit every single day.
When you ask Jesus to be your Savior. You are making an agreement with God that you will listen to the words of Christ and His apostles that have made what forms the New Testament. Which, in turn are amplified by how the Israelites were instructed to live and follow in Exodus, Leviticus and Deuteronomy within the Old Testament.
Jesus Himself states that if you are of the vine, which is Him, in other words “saved,” and you do not bear fruit; which is following the teachings of Christ, through faith and works. Those that are barren will be removed from the vine, their salvation. Broken off of the vine and cast into the fire. (John 15)
When someone truly asks Jesus to be their Savior, just out of pure love for God and His Son, they will seek to do and follow the teachings of the Bible.
That being said. Here are some examples of the little sins that make someone barren. First off, listening to music or the radio so loud that all you hear are the lyrics and the music. There is nothing else you have room for. Yet we are told to pray constantly. I encounter this issue at work nearly daily. I have to wear ear plugs and sound dampening ear muffs just so I can even think to be able to pray. Even if listening to Christian music if it is too loud for you to contemplate God, the Bible and prayer, then you are not keeping your life God centered but self-centered.
Now here is one I keep coming back to because people just don’t truly understand this one. Driving a vehicle on the road.
“Why this?” many ask.
In Titus 3:1 we are instructed to follow the laws made by humans. Why we are to do this is because no human power comes to be without God’s consent. (Daniel 4:17)
So if God placed certain humans into a place of human power to make laws that say to go 55 miles per hour, then we as Christians must go 55 miles per hour.
There is no room for debate. There is no saying man’s laws have no control of you. The only exception is when those laws go against God, the Bible and nature. Even then you must work within human law to get it back into right with the Bible. For it is not man’s law, but God’s, by extension of His consent, you are honoring and respecting.
So if you speed, cut people off, tailgate and any other of the laws you break for any other reason. You are in essence insulted God and telling Him that He is nothing to you. For by the mere fact that you are doing these things without thinking of Him you do consider God to be nothing.
So it is time to start getting these little sins reigned in. Not just the big one, for both leave your branch barren.

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