Millennial outreach #6

“The world owes me!” mentality

In the last few months this mentality has become a focal point within many of collage aged people within the United States. This however is not a reality.
Look at it this way for a moment. Carla, a woman who is 43 years of age is now head of her department at work. How did she get here? She was a striper from the age of 19 to 21. She allowed men to look at her naked body and to paw and pet her. She hated it. In the day time she went to college and just did what was required to guarantee she get her degree. A few of her professors said weird things, but she did her best to ignore them for it was not her goal. At 21 she graduated with no collage bills left to pay. She moved to a different city so she would not encounter any that may have seen her in her life that sickened her. She got a good job and slowly raised through the ranks becoming married to her work. For even though she like men she could not get over how sick they made her in those years she was a striper. When she turned 40 she met a man, fell in love and married. Both were married to their work, but they for the most part were happy.
Now we come to those demanding that all be given to them just become they deserve to have it handed to them because they were told the world must give them whatever they want. Most of them are between the ages of 19 and 21. Professors filled their heads not with knowledge but words of rebellion and demands. Stating that the world hand over to them all it had for they were the select, the special. They had been pampered and spoiled all their lives and so they believed what these people told them.
So these selfish self-serving young people demanded that Carla. Who has suffered degradation at the hands of self-centered self-serving men for three years of her life; a time she can never ever forget. Is being told to surrender her hard earned salary and turn it over to these youths. Who have done nothing except party and celebrate and wonder why none wish to reward them. They care or know nothing of the moral and physical sacrifices people like Carla have made.
Is this story real? There is a very strong possibility there really is a “Carla” out there that did live this life. But it is of no doubt there are young people out there that have made no effort to contribute to how the world works. They do not understand that nothing is given, it must be earned. Let’s define the word “earn”
Per the Oxford Dictionary:
Earn: 1) Obtain (money) in return for labour or services.
2) Gain deservedly in return for one’s behaviour or achievements.

Clear and straight forward I would say.
Now let’s look at how the Bible sees how people should behave.
Well, what it boils down to is this. Those that truly seek to honor the Bible place all others before themselves. Does this mean that Carla must surrender her hard earn money that she had to suffer to get to a point of achieving? No it does not. How she should handle her money is not something we have time to discuss in this topic, but back on topic. She should not be forced to surrender her earnings to those that have not made any attempt to earn their own way in live. Marching, chanting, and demanding, does not constitute earning, please see the second definition of the word “earn.”
The Bible teaches us to respect our employers. To earn our livings and thus earn a life. If we are fortunate enough to become wealthy we are not to horde it and keep it to ourselves, but to share without taxation to our community. Helping those that are in true need and true suffering. Those that are starving, those that have been beaten by their husbands, or as the case may be their wives (it does happen).
If you do contribute to society, society owes you nothing in return. This is seen within the Bible as well and it is something that the founders of the United States saw as well. Two revolutions occurred nearly at the same time. The American Revolution, and the French Revolution. Both had extremely different outcomes. Because both revolutions were at their core based upon two different ideals.
The French Revolution was based upon the concept that the world owed those causing the revolution everything. As a result there was widespread violence and murder. The final result ended in the dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte, which resulted in war and death and left France weak.
The American Revolution was based upon freedom to live one’s life as they saw fit and to allow people to earn their own way in life. After their victory against the English it led to a time of prosperity and growth to the point of becoming one of the great nations in the world.
Both revolution had more elements to them, but this is the basic formation of these revolts and their outcome, which none can truly dispute, even though many will.
The Bible teaches to work, to earn and to do what is right and honorable. Any that teach otherwise goes against the Bible and thus goes against nature, which is in turn against God. Anything that goes against nature is always against God.

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