Millennial outreach #7

Why two thousand plus years?

The question could have been asked “Why has humanity lasted as long as it has?”
There are many times throughout the history of mankind when we should have fallen into complete and utter chaos that civilization itself should have ceased to exist. There are those out there that feel their very world ended November 9th, 2016. To those thinking this is all that can be said is this. Several events throughout the last two thousand years have been more destructive to humanity than the presidential election.
Case in point: the Black Death, 1346-1353. As it is known as the bubonic plague is estimated to have killed from 75 million to 200 million people. One of the magnifiers of this death toll was due to poor governmental management of the agricultural lands. People sought financial rewards within the urban communities causing a swelling of the populations within the cities throughout Europe. Filth was prevalent. Human waste ran down the middle of the streets and wasted food rotted. It was a perfect breeding ground for rats who were the carries of the plague. All this death was caused by humans seeking to control and have power over those they saw as lesser than themselves. This is always the result when humans think they are better than other humans.
Now that I have laid the foundation for this article. I can now pursue answering the question that is the subtitle of this piece. Humanity goes through cycles, just as the weather does. The best way to look at this is by looking at the “Strauss-Howe generational theory” of prophets (idealist), nomads (reactive), hero (civic), and artist (adaptive). I recommend studying this on the side for it distracts from the article. These cycles in humanity always occur and follow the same pattern. However, when the factors of human domination come into play results vary.
Prime examples, the American Revolution vs. the French Revolution. The former resulting in a strong and peace oriented government. The latter resulting in death, a dictatorship and a lust for world domination.
What was the key difference in these two revolutions?
The Bible and a belief in God is the answer.
The American Revolution was steadfastly attached to the teaching of the Bible. Mainly due to most that wished to truly follow the Bible had fled Europe due to persecution by those that felt humans should rule humans.
It is due to the teachings of the Torah and the Bible that have caused humanity to have survived. It is the following in the belief that all humanity is equal to one another that has given humanity the ability to overcome tyranny that always results when one part of the human race sees themselves as superior. Special and blessed.
Those that truly come to study the Bible come to one conclusion. The human race is a sinful mass of egotistical, self-serving, pieces of garbage. All of them. Including themselves and some would say, especially themselves. it is this shattering of our egos that generates compassion, self-sacrifice and the desire to help our fellow humans to become better.
However due to the cycles of humanity the generation that learns true compassion passed the compassion on without making their children truly understanding why it is so important. As a result they become lost, confused and seek only to please themselves and the cycle begins to repeat.
In a few years you Millennials are going to come to a point where you must decide. Will you become like those of the American Revolution or the French Revolution?
For at this time it is pointing toward the latter instead of the former.

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